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Coantec X3 series High Performance Multifunctional Industrial Videoscope

Key Specifications/Special Features

● Mechanical hand-held integrated design
● Compatible with various sizes of displays
● Compatible with various specifications of insertion tubes
● Tube quick-replacement structure
● Can be configured with a variety of lighting sources
● Can replace different focus cameras
● High frame rate image sensor (optional)
● Dual engine power supply, long battery life
● High-precision 3D measurement Function(high configuration)
● Large capacity storage space

Product Details

The X3 series is a high-performance multi-purpose mechanical control industrial videoscope which independently developed by Coantec. The product adopts a high-definition industrial camera and a 5.44-inch FHD AMOLED touch screen, which effectively restores the true colors and makes the detection image clearer. Optional high frame rate image sensor, video image is more smooth, no afterimage, no frame jam. The whole machine adopts a hand-held integrated design, and the mechanical control probe can steer 360° flexibly in all directions. The tube quick replacement structure makes it more convenient. Compatible with a variety sizes of display screens, replacement of multiple cameras, white light, infrared light, UV light sources, storage space can be expanded, long battery life. It is suitable for aviation, aerospace, automotive, railways, ships, energy, petrochemicals , electric power, military industry, special inspection and other fields.

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