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Scene Light of Coantec JS1000 series

Key Specifications/Special Features

Coantec JS1000 series

● 1000m ultra irradiating distance
● 8000lx high lumen
● 4lighting options
● 1.2~2.5m liftable design
● 5hours fast charging
● Sturdy and durable, light and handy

Product Details

Scene lighting JS1000 has 16pcs high brightness LED, 

which can achieve a maximum illumination distance of 1000 meters.  

It can be widely used in outdoors, such as disaster rescue, temporary field training lighting, outdoor work, small and medium-scale parties.

1.Field training lighting for troops

2.Emergency lighting for rescue and search

3. Engineering construction lighting

5 hours fast charging
Lithium battery, or be filled with  AC100~240V to DC25.2V special charger.  It can be fully charged in 5 hours, and the working hours in high/ medium/ low grades are up to 3.5/ 8/ 24 hours respectively.

1.2~2.5m liftable design
The user can adjust the liftable bracket holder through the lamp head according to the actual needs, make the lamp head moved smoothly up and down, then fix the screws at different height, It suitable for different lighting scenes.

More durable aluminum alloy material
The bracket is made of aluminum alloy, the lamp head is made of 6061-T6 aviation aluminum alloy, the oval PC transparent lamp cover is effective for outdoor harsh environment, more sturdy and durable.

Small size, easy to carry, easy to operate
JS1000 scene lighting with weight less than 12 kg including batteries, with length less than 1.35m when folded, can be quickly folded or unfolded within 20 seconds.  Easy to operate and convenient to use.

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