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2017 workshop skills contest of Coantec

December 13,2019.

2017 workshop skills contest of Coantec was held successfully in August 18, 2017. The competition has increased the friedship of workshop's staff,improving the staff's coordination ability.Meanwhile it inspected the employees' ability of the production process and the proficiency of assembly process.The working enthusiasm and the quality awareness of employees have been greatly improved.The employees not only realize the technical discussion,but also presented a brilliant skills competition,which show the Coantec technician skill.

After the general mobilization conference hosted by general manager Mr Zheng,the intense game immediately launched.The workshop Technician is divided into three groups after the draw,each group responsible for assembly line,welding materials,debugging host camera for ME videoscope,P40-6015 videoscope,P40-6020 videoscope,P40-6030 videoscope independently.

All parts are set up with strict standard for evaluation of the process of deduction rules,with master degree,team coordination degree,proficiency and other aspects of the comprehensive score.According to the process of competition and the performance of raters score,the champion teem is group C.

The skills contest through competition to promote the training mode,which enhances the company's overall level of literacy and skills of technicians,and display technology spirit and enhance team cohesion.It not only tests the workshop technology professional master degree and proficiency,but also shows the workshop technician professional spirit and rigorous attitude. Shenzhen coantec Automation Technology Co. Ltd. is forever with innovation,sharing,responsibility,long-term professional attitude,escorting for you!
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