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After-sales Guarantee of Video Borescope

November 29,2017.

The after-sales problems widespreading in industrial borescope industry that untimely response and slow repairment often impact customer's service experience. How to improve the effectiveness and satisfaction of after-sales service are the bottlenecks in industrail borescope urgently needing to be solved.In addition, according to the survey, in many after-sales problems,it is very comam to see that there are many after-service problems exsisting due to customers' improper operation.Therefore,reducing the invalid after-sales service and costs to improve users experience, has become a necessary means to solve such problems.

After-sales service contribiute to company's credit standing.We can see that any succesful company who can stand firmly in the fierce competition always play an important role in after-sales services.For Coantec,hight quarlity of after-sales services represents one of our convictions that customer is sovereign.

Coantec after-sales service has always uphold the aims such as ull service,prosece tracking, prosece recording,service to the point of and so on.Onece after-sales departmentwhen get customer feedback, thay will constantly contact customers in the form of telephone before the researcheing results are not obtained to ensure the rights and interests of customers.

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