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Application case of industrial endoscope in locomotive overhaul

September 5,2019.

Endoscope plays an important role in the manufacture, installation, maintenance and maintenance of railway locomotive and rolling stock.Industrial endoscopes can enter into parts or equipment through front-end pipelines to detect areas that cannot be directly seen by human eyes.Speculum hose probe part of the front end is equipped with a camera, can through the narrow, dark, winding channels, into needs observation, through the image at the screen, for users to real-time status and defects of internal meticulous observation, and can take photos and video, data archiving, for further analysis, and judgment.


Industrial endoscopes can be used to detect wear, breakage, corrosion, rust and other defects inside the motor gearbox, hollow shaft, bogie frame, bolster, shock absorber spring, air conditioning ventilation system, etc., as well as foreign objects, etc. Disassembly and re-installation can effectively reduce the workload of the inspectors and greatly improve the work efficiency. It is of great significance for daily maintenance work with less time. Similarly, industrial endoscopes play a very important role in the aircraft repair business. The picture below shows the CRRC staff using the Coantec industrial endoscope to detect whether there are foreign objects and defects inside the locomotive.


Founded in 2012, Coantec is located in Shenzhen, one of the four largest cities in China, a city with developed high-end manufacturing and innovative technologies. In the continuous high-speed development for many years, Coantec has always adhered to independent innovation, introduced professional technical talents and advanced technical equipment, actively carried out the design and research of industrial endoscopes, and successfully developed millions of high-definition industrial endoscopes and three-dimensional measurements. High-end products such as industrial endoscopes fully meet the testing needs of various industries and fields such as power, petrochemical, special inspection, metallurgy, construction, fire protection, scientific research, public security and military.


The former company has obtained a number of national invention patents and computer software copyrights, effectively exerting the independent intellectual property rights of leading products, forming a continuous innovation mechanism and maintaining the leading position of domestic technology. By paying close attention to technology and quality, Coantec will go further and more stable on the road of industrial inspection.

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