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Application case of industrial videoscope in bridge maintenance and maintenance industry

August 21,2019.

The bridge is closely related to our life travel. As a big bridge country, China has built many well-known and world-recorded cross-sea bridges in recent years, such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the Qingdao Bay Bridge, and the world's highest bridge, the Beipanjiang Bridge in Guizhou. and many more.The construction process of the bridge requires very strict control to effectively extend the service life and ensure the safety of personal and property.

However, many bridges are still in the age of construction, and the lack of related technologies at that time, the internal structure has gradually changed, which may lead to cracks in the bridge, cracks in the joint welds and bolts, and corrosion of the steel inside the bridge. Great security risks.Bridge maintenance is to point to in order to ensure the normal working state of bridge's inspection, testing, evaluation, as well as maintenance work, usually need to use the tools such as industrial videoscope for internal testing of the bridge, check whether there is a crack, and crack depth, size, to judge the danger, in order to timely maintenance, prolong the service life of bridge, the pedestrian traffic safety.

Bridge maintenance and repair

Cracks and cracks are produced in a variety of types, caused by loads, temperature changes, shrinkage, and steel corrosion and construction quality. If dismantled and viewed, it will not only greatly extend the construction period, but also greatly increase the cost. At the same time, it will affect the normal vehicles and pedestrians, which brings great inconvenience. In many cases, only a small hole needs to be drilled, and the inside end of the industrial videoscope can be used to enter the inside of the bridge that is difficult for the human eye to directly observe. It can quickly help the bridge maintenance personnel to quickly find the defects and eliminate hidden dangers in time.In addition, for the internal conditions of streetlights on bridges, industrial videoscopes can also quickly detect and find problems. A clearer image that truly presents the internal flaws of the bridge.

Industrial endoscope for bridge maintenance

Industrial videoscope is an industrial non-destructive testing instrument necessary for bridge maintenance and inspection. Its results are intuitive, reliable, convenient and efficient, and it is a very practical testing tool. Coantec is a brand manufacturer specializing in the production of industrial videoscopes. It is also a research and development national high-tech enterprise. It is committed to providing users with superior performance and more cost-effective quality products. Welcome to consult.

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