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Application case of industrial videoscope in electric power inspection

August 29,2019.

Industrial videoscopes are widely used in the power industry. The internal detection of boilers, pipes, motors and other equipment in power equipment can be used to detect internal defects such as welds, cracks, scales, foreign matter blockages, etc., to detect problems and eliminate hidden dangers in time.We have also mentioned that industrial videoscopes can be used for substation maintenance testing. They can be used to detect internal conditions and defects such as buildings and substation equipment, foreign matter jams, and small animal entry marks. In the field of power inspection, industrial videoscopes are often available.

Application of industrial endoscope in power equipment (header inspection)

In some urban areas, commercial users are accustomed to sealing the power supply cables of power supply companies in the ceiling of the door for various reasons such as aesthetics, and some users are easy to pass through these hidden spaces that are not directly visible by these human eyes (some are through these ceilings). Some are cable wells that steal electricity, causing power losses in power supply companies. In order to better monitor and inspect, find out the causes, plug loopholes, and reduce losses, power audits are often required.

The industrial videoscope can directly enter the ceiling and the channel through the probe at the front end by opening a very small observation hole or through the existing narrow gap, without damaging the user's decoration structure, and can visually see the internal direction of the power line. In the case of wiring, safe operation, etc., the suspicious user is diagnosed, the tampering mode and the tampering position are locked, and the tampering user is strictly checked and severely damaged, thereby effectively reducing the line loss. The efficiency of the whole process is greatly improved, and it does not need to be dismantled, and it will not cause damage, which is more acceptable to users. It can greatly facilitate the work of the inspectors and reduce the cost of communication.

Coantec industrial videoscopes are available in mechanical (mainly for C40 series) and electric (mainly for C50 series). The former has a unique replaceable pipeline system, 2-6mm diameter is optional, and the pipeline length can be based on Customers require customization and the solution is more flexible. The C50 series is the representative of electronic video endoscopes. All of these series of lenses are millions of high-definition pixels and 5-inch high-brightness LCD daylight display. The vividness of the color, the sharpness of the image, and the fineness of the image quality are all obtained. A greater improvement can better present the details. At the same time, electric industrial videoscopes have greater advantages in handling. Of course, in any case, it is necessary to benchmark the actual application scenarios and needs in order to develop the most suitable solution.

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