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Application cases of industrial videoscope in substation maintenance inspection and routine maintenance

August 22,2019.

Industrial videoscopes have been developed for decades, and have undergone a rapid development process of continuous improvement and continuous improvement. They have made great progress in technology, and the application fields have also been used to detect space engines from now on. Covers all aspects of industrial manufacturing, equipment maintenance and repair. In general, industrial videoscopes can be classified into optical mirrors, optical fiber mirror, and electron mirrors. Currently the most commonly used, and representing the highest level of electronic endoscopy, is an electronic video endoscope.


The videoscope is generally designed with a hand-held design. The photoelectric coupling element CCD or COMS sensor installed at the front end of the pipeline converts light energy into electrical energy, and then passes through the image processor to restore high definition and color on the display. Realistic images allow the user to make more detailed observations of the internal conditions of the equipment or components without destroying or disassembling the equipment. The simpler design is relatively lighter and more portable, and the mobility is stronger. Therefore, in addition to the industrial field, it has also been widely used in the police equipment industry.


Industrial videoscopes can also play an important role in substation maintenance testing. Due to the limitation of the structure of the device, the human eye can not directly see the internal condition of the device. At this time, the videoscope can be used to detect the GIS isolating switch contacts, and the fuel tank components can be inspected and cleaned, the transformer windings, the high voltage switchgear overhaul, the cable layer, and the cable. Internal inspection of wells, cable trenches, circuit breaker mechanism boxes, double-layer terminal boxes, etc.


Coantec Industrial Videoscope has the characteristics of no disassembly, simple operation, clear and intuitive image, 360° steering without dead angle observation. Flexible pipeline can pass multiple corners, which can greatly reduce maintenance period, reduce maintenance cost and difficulty, and shorten the blackout time,ensure the safety of equipment operation, and improve the reliability of equipment maintenance and work efficiency.


At the same time, the internal corrosion, rust, rust, cracks, foreign matter blockage, plugging loopholes, small animals and activity traces of the substation equipment, using industrial endoscopy, can help users to determine the cause of the fault conveniently, quickly and accurately. A very practical and economical method of detection.


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