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Application:Diesel Engine Inspection by Industrial Videoscope


The daily maintenance of diesel engines can be detected by industrial Flexible Borescope Camera.The diesel engine itself is difficult to remove, and its structure is complex, so the best way is nondestructive

testing,without disassembling to avoid wear parts and to maintain its service life. Industrial

videoscope is the best tool for NDT,so it is the best choice to use industrial videoscope to detect

diesel engines.

Diesel engine is the power equipment with the highest thermal efficiency and the best energy saving effect in all kinds of power machinery used at present.It is a kind of continuous working equipment, which often works for hours or even longer,and the working conditions are bad. Therefore, the diesel engine will often appear various faults during normal use,and the fault causes are very complex; when the fault occurs, we need to check out the specific parts,reason of the fault and make correct scheme for troubleshooting.For example, excessive fuel supply makes fuel combustion inadequate and accumulates too much carbon, which makes fuel injection blocked. The fuel injector couple is stuck due to overheating deformation. In order to determine the location of the problem, we can use industrial video borescope to detect and observe the components. If the diesel engine produces abnormal noise, we first need to check the piston with the industrial endoscope. If the wear is serious, we must replace the piston pin in time, or replace the connecting rod small bushing.

In a word, the daily maintenance of the diesel engine is essential,which can be realized by industrial Flexible Borescope Camera.Coantec industrial endoscope is a reliable industrial endoscope manufacturer,who is the leader in videoscope industry on excellent quality of the products and professional service at home and aboard.Coantec choose the best solution for customer through the research on market demand.

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