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Application of Coantec Industrial Endoscope in Shipbuilding Industry

December 13,2019.

Industry: Shipbuilding

Tested equipment and working conditions:

It is mainly for the detection of internal pipeline of large diesel and oil pipelines,so the length of videoscope's tube is 2m,and the probe diameter is 6mm.We need to inspect if there is a small amount of oil,other objects or scratches defects in the pipeline.And the pipe diameter of detected object is from 3cm to 10cm.

Solution:Coantec P50 series HD industrial endoscope can achieve good detection effect.

Reasons for choosing Coantec P50 series:

Coantec P50 series is portable,with wide application range,rear LED high brightness light source,various optional insert tubes with different diameter and length.Meanwhile,insert tubes are oil proof,waterproof,anti corrosion,which are fully consistent with the detection of internal pipeline of large marine diesel engine and oil pipeline detection.

The phenomenon and cause of marine diesel engine fault:

When the diesel engine is difficult to start,there are some reasons:

(1)when starting,crankshaft can not turn or rotate very slowly,the starting speed is too low.

(2)when starting,the starting speed is normal,but the marine diesel engine can not be fired.

(3)when starting,although there was a fire,but the marine diesel engine is not working properly,that is the speed is instability.

Reason analysis:

(1)The starting system:gas leakage or pipe is too long,lack of air pressure,air compressor is damaged etc.

(2)The fuel system:in low fuel pressure condition,parking lever is not board,the fuel tank valve isn't opened,the fuel tank has no oil,the fuel tank position is too low,the diesel filter is too dirty,overspeed shutdown device is not reset,the rack stuck not at the filling position.

(3)The intake and exhaust system: air filter fouling,cooler fouling,explosion-proof valve isn't opened.

(4)The external conditions:starting with load,the oil temperature is too low,the viscosity is too large,the water temperature is too low.

(5)The internal conditions:cylinder body has foreign matter.

The application Coantec industrial endoscope:

Marine diesel engine is the heart of the ship,which has the most fault in ship mechanical system.The safty and reliablility is the basic guarantee for the safe operation of the ship.Due to the complexed structure of the diesel engine and the poor working conditions, there will be more possibility for failure.Once there is a fault,it will not only influence the whole power plant,causing huge losses,but also endanger the personal safety.

Coantec industrial endoscope is mainly used for the inspection of large marine dieselengine,oil road,waterway,pipeline and ship equipment,air conditioning systems.Through actual inspection,we can quickly know whether there is wear,cracks,sand or hidden trouble defect status in the internal pipeline of large diesel and oil pipeline.Coantec industrial endoscope has the guiding function of 360°all-way control,which can check the diesel engine clearly.It's also equiped with HD image and sufficient light source,and is easy operation.The camera can record the internal condition and support us an accurate and intuitive judgment.With Coantec industrial endoscope,you can realize real-time detection without disassembly of the entire diesel engine.

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