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Application of industrial endoscope in automobile manufacturing industry

November 21,2019.

Cars are closely related to people's life. As one of the important tools to change modern people's way of life, the use of automobile is more and more common. In China, the automobile related industry has also experienced a decade of rapid development. As one of the important engines driving economic development, automobile manufacturing industry is an important pillar of many regional economies.For example, the Yangtze river delta (represented by Shanghai, jiangsu), pearl river delta (represented by guangdong and shenzhen), beijing-tianjin-hebei (represented by Beijing and tianjin), the middle triangle (represented by wuhan), the western region (represented by chongqing and chengdu), and the early development of changchun automobile and other automobile industry clusters have effectively driven the local economic development. According to statistics, in the field of China's auto manufacturing industry, the market size of the auto parts industry related to it has exceeded 4 trillion by 2018. With the further expansion of the auto parts manufacturing industry, the quality control of products has also attracted more attention from the industry. Industrial videoscope is a kind of non-destructive testing (NDT) instrument widely used in the quality control of automobile parts.

Industrial videoscopes can be widely used in large-scale automobile manufacturers, engine manufacturers, transmission manufacturers, automotive pipeline manufacturers and other companies to control the quality of products.In the process of production inspection, through the inspection of casting, shell, pipeline and other parts with industrial videoscope, the defects such as sand hole, sand inclusion, crack, burr and so on can be checked and judged intuitively.For example, cylinder head detection is a common detection application in automobile manufacturing industry As a kind of casting, cylinder head often has the possibility of sand inclusion on the inner wall of the hole due to the process problems in the production process, so the human eye can not directly see the internal situation, so it needs to use the videoscope to detect, which is more convenient and quick.

Industrial videoscope is a kind of electronic video borescope. Its basic principle is that there are micro CCD or COMS image sensor components to transform the image of optical objective into electrical signal, then transmit it to the controller via video transmission cable, and then transmit the video signal to the display screen for image display. It is an indirect visual inspection (VT) method.This detection method has relatively high resolution, clear image and bright color, which can better restore the details. At the same time, because the soft pipeline can enter into the curved space and make multiple turns, it is convenient to see the area that the human eye can not directly see. At the same time, multiple magnification function can make the details better presented.

There are many die-casting parts for automobile parts. The structure and material of the parts determine that the inspection probe of videoscope is easy to be worn, so the frequency of pipeline replacement is relatively high. Therefore, in the automobile manufacturing industry, the cost of after-sales maintenance and pipeline replacement is also a necessary condition for selecting an industrial videoscope.Many brands of videoscopes are very expensive to replace the pipeline, which has become a big problem for many enterprises. Coantec has 7 years of R & D and production experience. The camera products in I industry are cost-effective. Meanwhile, it provides you with more satisfactory after-sales service, more reasonable maintenance costs, and fully solves your worries.

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