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Application of Industrial endoscope in Electric Power Industry

May 16,2018.

Industrial videoscope is used for boiler, heat exchange pipeline, condenser pipe and steam turbine, center hole, generator rotor and combined box for thermal power station, nuclear power station and hydropower station. The electronic endoscope periodically detects whether there are scars and stress decay cracks on the surface of the big cylinder of the gas turbine and generator. Check the welding quality of the inner surface of the main steam pipe, deaerator and header, and whether there are serious welding defects.

When the power equipment is overhauled, it is used to detect the micro cracks in the turbine blade, the retaining ring and the concentrated stress area. The generator and equipment in the power plant need long time operation and work. It is necessary to check the internal operation of the endoscope regularly through the endoscope.

Industrial endoscope can effectively improve the staff to check out all kinds of equipment, and check the quality defects such as corrosion, rust, crack, iron debris and butt weld in the inspection parts. The compact, portability and mobility of the instrument can reduce the work intensity and work efficiency well. The portable battery is more convenient to work in the bad environment, such as small space, high climbing, field operation and so on.


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