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Application of Industrial Videoscope in Automobile Maintenance

May 30,2018.

The automotive videoscope is a good helper in the maintenance of automotive engines.

Remove the spark plug or the nozzle and observe the degree of carbon deposition in the valve with an endoscope. The main feature is to observe the formation and combustion process of the mixture in the combustion chamber and the working state of the cylinder, valve and piston top under the working condition of the engine, and record the above image with the crankshaft turning angle through a high-speed camera. At the same time, it can be connected to the computer, and can be invoked, delayed, enlarged locally and interpreted by a corresponding image processing software at any time. This visualization technology is not only a right-hand assistant in vehicle design and development, but also a vehicle technology training and teaching tool.

The automotive endoscope has been widely recognized by users in the auto repair industry. At the same time, its simple and flexible manipulation is a necessary detection and diagnosis tool in the auto repair industry.Coantec industrial endoscope is integrated with light, electricity and image.Coantec industrial endoscope is equipped with high resolution color image. The observed points and the fault parts can be frozen, amplified and analyzed with the help of the unique picture software processing system. Therefore, the accuracy of the automobile fault location can be greatly improved.

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