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Application of Industrial Videoscope in Mechanical Manufacturing Industry

May 31,2018.

Industrial videoscope has been widely used in many industries because of its flexible operation, clear image, nondestructive testing and so on. The machinery manufacturing and foundry industry usually has the need to detect small and narrow space, for example, the machinery industry sometimes needs to be internal to small mechanical parts, or In order to check the surface quality of the castings, the foundry industry also needs to pay attention to the internal conditions of the casting, such as the deep holes, blind holes and interlaced holes in the castings, for example, to understand the sand inclusion, the burrs and the wrong holes in the castings so as to control the quality of the castings.All of these requirements are qualified for industrial endoscopy.

Well,there are a wide variety of industrial endoscopy, such as optical fiber mirrors, straight rod mirrors or industrial video endoscope, which have small, flexible features, and probes can be easily passed through or inserted into a narrow aperture or channel. Secondly, the endoscope also has the characteristics of clear imaging, allowing the inspector to be clear about the internal condition of mechanical parts or castings. In addition, the industrial endoscope is developing in the direction of portable hand-held, and the inspectors can easily carry the endoscope to the machine tool shop and the foundry shop and improve the work efficiency. It can be seen that in the development of machinery manufacturing and casting industry, the application of industrial endoscope in these industries will be wider and wider.


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