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Application of Industrial Videoscope in Pipeline Inspection

May 21,2018.

Industrial videoscope is the main tool in the internal inspection of machinery and pipeline, and it has been very helpful to the maintenance and inspection. With the rapid development of science and technology, the function of the video endoscope in the industrial pipeline is becoming more and more abundant, and the performance has been greatly improved, whether it is imported or made in China.

Industrial videoscope has experienced an electronic video endoscope, from hard pipe endoscope to fiber endoscope, to present electronic video endoscope. From simple and non selectable function to current multifunction, it can adjust some parameters with the condition of the customer. The principle of its work is to pass the object mirror to the CCD, and then pass through the optical image. To the electronic signal, to the controller, through the controller to adjust some parameters and some view of the internal situation, timely feedback, which greatly improves the clarity of the image.

The main use of industrial borescope is to be used in an unobservable environment. It can be used for inspection and observation of places where high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and human eyes can't be directly observed. It is mainly used in automobiles, aero engines, pipes, mechanical parts and so on. It can be used without disassembling or destroying the operation of assembly and equipment. On the other hand, the industrial endoscope can also be connected with the camera, camera or electronic computer to form a camera, camera and image processing system, so as to monitor, record, store and analyze the field target, and provide good guarantee for diagnosis and processing.


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