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Application of industrial videoscope in the detection of internal state of engine

November 11,2019.

Visual inspection method is one of the general non-destructive inspection methods in the industrial field, which is generally divided into direct visual inspection and indirect visual inspection. As an indirect visual inspection method, industrial videoscope can directly display images, has the characteristics of simple operation, easy to understand and master, and is widely used in various fields. Such as, cracks, air holes, folds, inclusions, corrosion and other defects on the inner surface of the workpiece, the user can penetrate the videoscope probe into its interior, and visually observe through the display screen of the host part.The industrial videoscope can be used not only for the internal defect detection of parts and components, but also for the condition inspection of equipment, as well as for the regular and irregular inspection during the production, use and maintenance of products. The whole machine is portable and easy to move, can be applied in all kinds of scenes. It is convenient and fast, greatly improving the detection efficiency.

In engine technology, poor cleanliness is the main cause of a series of serious accidents, such as engine bearing, cylinder pulling, shaft biting and oil passage blocking.The quality control of cleanliness, one of the important part is that the burr, edging, and debris of the parts have a great influence on cleanliness. These casting parts such as cylinder block, cylinder head and their cleanliness are closely related to the cleanliness of finished products. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular and detailed inspection, and deal with defects and residues to eliminate adverse effects.Recently,some customers need to inspect the oil passage of an engine oil pump. This is a kind of casting. It is necessary to observe the quality status of the inner surface of the oil passage, check whether there are casting defects such as casting fins and sand inclusions. The oil passage is bent with corners, and the diameter of the thinnest part is small. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly identify the surface of the oil passage. We recommend using Coantec C40 series industrial videoscope for inspection Measurement.

We recommend C40 series industrial videoscopes, which are small in size, light weight, easy to carry, original replaceable pipeline system, multi-purpose and more cost saving.It can replace the direct side view lens and make more detailed observation on the side wall. C40 small pipe diameter series can be as thin as 2mm. It can enter into a narrow space for observation through a small diameter pipe, and can turn in multiple bends, with clearer images and better details.For the engine cleanliness and internal casting defects of parts and components, and the internal surface condition of water channel, oil channel and other components, Coantec industrial videoscope has a better detection effect. For details, please communicate with our personnel.

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