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Application of Industrial Videoscope in Wind Power Industry

June 8,2018.

Industrial Videoscope can be used to detect the gear box, blade and bearing, turbine, pipe, condenser and other important equipment, and check the quality defects such as corrosion, rust spot, crack, iron debris, welding seam and so on, so as to realize the flaw detection and state monitoring of the wind power equipment. Through regular inspection, we can find out problems early, avoid the shutdown due to catastrophic failure, arrange scheduled maintenance and maintenance in time for the parts that may fail, even if the failure occurs, it can also shorten the time of troubleshooting by endoscopy and reduce the economic loss for the enterprise.

With the development of the global economy, wind energy as a clean renewable energy, its market has also developed rapidly. In recent years, the scale of the wind power industry in China began and continued to grow, and industrial endoscopy has been more and more applied to this field. For example, Coantec industrial endoscopy company M3/E5/E5pro can be applied to the wind power industry, which will help to understand the internal faults of steam turbine, gas turbine and gear box more quickly and effectively, reduce the shutdown time, optimize the maintenance plan, shorten the maintenance cycle, and help the rapid development of the wind power industry in China.

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