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Application of small aperture videoscope in detecting piston circumferential cavity

November 6,2019.

The small aperture videoscope developed by Coantec can be used to detect the surface defects in the piston circumferential cavity.The piston is a key component on the engine. It works under long-term alternating high temperature, high pressure and impact load conditions, which can directly affect the performance and safety factor of the whole engine.Most of the pistons are now produced by casting, and both gravity casting and pressure casting produce defects such as shrinkage, shrinkage, and porosity. For such surface defects, various non-destructive testing instruments are required for testing. The industrial videoscope is a non-destructive testing instrument that can be used to detect surface defects in the inner circumference of the piston. It is also used for professional testing of the cold oil passage in the engine piston.

Coantec C40 series industrial videoscope is the only one in the industry won the red dot design award of the product, its use handheld integration design, a 3.5 -inch screen, the sun can take pictures/videos, 360 ° full guide probe, pipeline replacement material type design, user can change independently, mechanical damping rocker, intensity of illumination adjustable magnitude 8, HDMI hd output interface, TF card storage, equipped with the adsorption of the base more convenient operation.The series is more popular with customers for small diameter design, the smallest one can reach 2mm diameter, large angle of view, high illumination, good definition, can view extremely small space, can play very much for the piston cavity Good observation effect.

Coantec Industrial Videoscope has the characteristics of clear image, convenient operation, small size, light and easy to carry, non-destructive detection of the inner cavity surface of the object, in aerospace, petrochemical, energy and power, automobile manufacturing, machining, casting , special inspection, food medicine machine, military police security, automotive aftermarket and other fields have a very wide range of applications, can be used to detect the structural state and defects of the internal surface of various metal or non-metal parts or assembly parts. Such as various excesses, cracks, rust, burrs, rust, foreign matter blockage, liquid residue and so on.

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