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Application of Videoscope in Internal Combustion Engine Industry

June 1,2018.

In the field of industry, industrial Videoscope, as an indispensable and important detection tool, can quickly and accurately obtain the true condition of the equipment without disassembling or destroying the equipment. As a leader in the field of endoscopic applications, Coantec is deeply concerned by the internal combustion engine industry.

Industrial endoscopy can effectively and economically realize the maintenance and detection of internal combustion engines and parts, such as the nondestructive testing of carbon in internal combustion engines. The diesel engine of diesel engine, if there is carbon deposition on the exhaust valve, will reduce the effective power of the internal combustion engine, consume fuel, and insert the spark plug into the gas through the endoscope. The cylinder can easily complete the inspection of the engine, so as to locate the problem and deal with it in time.

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