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Application of Videoscope in the Field of Nuclear Power Industry

January 4,2018.

The nuclear industry is a green energy, is the pillar industry of national development, which deeply affects the beneficial to people's livelihood. Therefore, the energy power operation must be normal, safe and stable. With the generator operation time accumulated year by year, equipment is also prone to wear and aging, so the regular inspection and maintenance is an important step to ensure safe and stable operation of nuclear power industry.

Internal structure of nuclear power plant is very complex,which is mainly divided into nuclear island and conventional island nuclear reactors,including a loop system and the evaporator.The conventional island is mainly steam turbine system and transmission system,the system need to be connected through a few pipelines.There are critical testing standards for the internal quality of nuclear power pipeline,so industrial videoscope's performance, quality, portability is very important for some narrow and small internal channel space.

The Coantec industrial videoscope spares no efforts to do develop and manufacture new industrial videoscope detection technology and products,to provide professional industrial  detection technology solutions in the field of nuclear power,to meet the requirements of detection of complex nuclear field in different regions and location, which is convenient for inspection and greatly improve the detection efficiency.

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