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Application:Real-time Inspection of Tanks & Vessels


As we know,tanks and vessels are made to contain products, allow reactions, sometimes under harsh temperature or pressure conditions.This components often have very special surface coating to maintain hygiene or protect and separate the outer containment material from perhaps aggressive or sensitive content and gases.Various products and processes demand no object being left after reactions or for new product runs.To ensure this requirement,inspectors often need to enter into the small space be inspected,which is not safe and effective. So industrial videoscope is badly needed.

Solution:Real-time Inspection of tanks & vessels

For example,by using Coantec E5 Inspection Camera,which is 360°all-way articulation,the operator can easily get detailed inspection images from any part of the tank or vessel.A wide angle of view with 120°fibre optical light makes the videoscope workable at far distances.The smallest diameter of Coantec insertion probe can up to 2.8mm, which is very suitable for smaller vessels.

Beside of the excellent qualities of Coantec E5 series videoscope,every customer can enjoy the professional services from Coantec.Any further information,please contact us.

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