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[Applicaton] An Industrial Borescope Was Applied to A Pharmaceutical Factory

January 4,2018.


Food pharmacy

Tested equipment and working conditions:

There are many pipelines in pharmaceutical enterprises,and the cleanliness of pipelines is very important for pharmaceutical enterprises.At the same time,the problems that whether the weld line is uniform or not and whether the pipeline has defects or not need to be detected and photographed by borescope.After the use of the pipeline,the inner wall may remain oil, solvents and other objects,which requir the testing equipment be anti-corrosion. At the same time,there are three bends which are 90°in the pipeline,the diameter of the pipeline is between 20mm-80MM,and the bending angle is between 100mm-2000mm.


Coantec M3-6030 Borscope can meet customer's needs

Reasons for choosing Coantec:

The features that light and portable,flexible probe steering,powerful operation improved the application scope of IR borescope.

Applicable scope:

Coantec M3 industry borescope,can detect the inside of the pharmaceutical pipeline.It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry manufacturing and installation,pipe welding scar inspection,checking the cleanliness of the pipeline.We mainly need to check that if the weld surface of pipe line has cracks,flaking,sand holes,porosity and slag etc.Before checking,the spatter, oxide scale, pit, paint and rust on the weld surface should be eliminated.

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