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Automotive Videoscope Customized for Your Car


Coantec ME Automotive Videoscope provides a very effective way to check the internal condition of the engine for the maintenance personnel. It can check the following aspects:

1.check the carbon of a piston and a spark plug (through the spark plug or the nozzle, can directly observe various faults inside the cylinder. Simple and easy to operate, high cost performance.

2.Vehicle parts detection (using car endoscope can detect whether there are tiny welding flaws in the exhaust pipe wall, and also can easily detect cracks and pigmentation in various parts.

3.The engine cylinder (can check if there are trachoma around the inner cavity. In addition, the automotive endoscope can also be used in gear box testing, water tank, oil tank inspection, injection hole testing, etc.

Excellent Features of ME Automotive Borescope:

1.Excellent guiding function,360° all-way bending probe,bending angel ≥160°.

2.The probe of tube can bear 100°C high temperature Instantly.

3.Wear-resistant  titanium alloy probe

4.Low power consumption, long working time

5. A battery can work for 4.5 hour

6.Sturdy and durable: cold-resistant/ high-temperature-resistant /water-proof/ fall-resistant

7.Globally unique technology of replaceable insert tube

Coantec ME Automotive Endoscope has been exported to India, Thailand, Australia, the United States, Russia, Brazil and other 19 countries and regions,which has been proven to be a high performance and effective NDT instrument.If you and your customers need it,please feel free to contact our stuff.

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