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Battery Warnings For Coantec Videoscope


Before use Coantec Videoscope, thoroughly review the instructions in this manual for the battery and battery charger to fully understand the information contained in them, and observe the instructions during use.


Do not place the battery in fire or exceed the battery operating temperature.

Do not pierce the battery with nails, strike the battery with a hammer,step on the battery, or otherwise subject it to strong impacts or shocks.

Do not expose the battery to water or salt water, or allow the battery to get wet.

Do not disassemble or modify the battery.

Battery Communication Error: If the Coantec videoscope shows this error message on the display, please contact your nearest customer support center.

Using the battery outside its recommended operating range will result in degradation of the performance and service life. When storing the battery, be sure to remove it from the base unit.

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