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Control Exhibition Will Offer You High Quality Borescope

The exiting control exhibition 2018 will be lunched in April, which will definitely be a big conference.Here,you can find whatever you need for NDT.Now let’s have a look at Coantec’s NDT borescope instruments.

In order to show our strength in NDT area,Coantec will show some newly designed borescope cameras.One of the newly designed borescope is C65 Borescope Camera,which is equipped with 3D function and specialized in industrial areas.At present,only few companies can meet 3D inspection needs.For many customers,3D measurement means more precise inspection result.So borescope with 3D measurement function is absolutely a revolution of NDT instrument.

If you are interested in the newly designed borescope camera,please contact us or welcome to the Control Exhibition.

Flexible Borescope

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