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Flexible Borescope Camera Inspection:Evaporation Tank Pipeline

Detection area: Automobile evaporator box

Defect description: see if there are many remainder in the pipe of the evaporator and the top filter is clean.

Applicable models:Coantec M3 series industrial borescope camera,diameter 3.8mm or 6mm.

Usage: the 4 corners of the evaporator pipe can be detected, and the image is very clear.

The automobile evaporator is located inside the instrument.When the air conditioner is turned on, there will be lots of condensed water on the surface. At the same time, the external air carries impurities and bacteria will be attached to the surface of the evaporator. Some dirt,dust and bacteria will grow and deposit in the air conditioner.If you don't clean the car with endoscope,it will cause problems such as poor cooling effect, small air volume and even air conditioning system malfunction.

Before cleaning,the evaporation box is very troublesome. We must remove the central control.As long as we use Coantec car endoscope camera,we can directly detect whether there areforeign objects in the evaporation box,and then spray the cleaning liquid into the evaporation box.The process is clear and visible, and the effect is clear at a glance. See the

cleanse, just feel relieved!

Flexible Videoscope Camera

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