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High Quality Borescope Camera|Coantec Industrial Borescope

Coantec Videoscope/Borescope is the best tool for viewing and capturing video and images of hard-to-reach areas. With its fluid resistant 6mm head, 7 levels of LED illumination,direct and side view angle mirrors, dark, fluid soaked and hard to reach areas are no problem!

Features of Coantec borescope

-Now with direct and side view mirrors

-View & record video

-360° flexible articulating probe USB cable allows for easy inspection & access to hard-to-reach areas

-Ultra-small 6mm camera

-IP67 certified for immersion, allows for use in wet, fluid soaked spaces

-6mm camera head easily fits into most spark plug holes for inspection

-Seven adjustable LED lights offer superior brightness

-Light weight, ergonomic design

Coantec borescope instrument can be used in many industrial department.They are exported in to the world,with 6 years experience,High Quality,CE&ROHS certificates.

Industrial Borescopes

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