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How Much Do You Know About Videoscope

The foreign market industrial endoscopy products are mainly Japanese and American products. With the rise of big industry,the types of detection equipments are more and more.all kinds of industrial nondestructive In 80s,domestic industries continue to introduce the industrial videoscope technologies.And now,there are series products put on the market,such as rigid endoscope,fiber endoscope, electronic video endoscope and so on.The former two are basically the same as abroad,but the domestic price is less than foreign products.

Industrial electronic videoscope detection instrument is one of the nondestructive detection instrument. The biggest difference of industrial electronic endoscope is that it can directly reflect the inside of the detected objects,and support the images for analyse and judge.

COANTEC industrial inspection borescope camera is lightweight and portable:

1)Compact and solid, great universe, easy to carry, reduce the burden;

2)Cntegrated hand-held design, one-hand operation to make it more convenient;

3)Solid protective design to improve the product protection level, so you have no worries in use;

4)Removable super-magnetic adsorption base, can be upright, can be flat, can be adsorbed, liberation of his hands.

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