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How to choose a reliable brand of industrial Videoscope?

How to choose a reliable industrial videoscope brand is a concern for many companies or manufacturers with non-destructive testing requirements. Reliable industrial endoscope brands need to be considered from the following aspects:

1. The quality parameters of the product itself. Some new brands or small brands do not have the core technology and production process of the industrial endoscope itself, but there is no quality and technical guarantee for the products that are not in the quality of production or the quality of the OEM. The parameters can not meet the requirements, unable to adapt to the use of the environment, lack of original accessories to replace, the user experience is very poor. Therefore, the quality of equipment is the primary factor to select an industrial endoscope brand.

2. Detection environment: the length and diameter of the endoscope lens are determined by the diameter and length of the detection site, and the ultra small pipe diameter and the ultra long pipeline meet the various testing conditions. Whether it has a strong guiding function, the probe can achieve 360 degrees of arbitrary bending. Whether it is waterproof, oil resistant, durable, and fall through the fall test.

3. Resolution and pixels: whether there are excellent image processing techniques, fine images and real colors; lighting technology: whether the lens is luminous determines whether the lens can be reused in the dark environment, and the wide angle of the lens and the diameter of the lens have a certain impact on the coverage of the field of vision. Super illumination, large viewing angle and more depth of field can give users a good test experience.

4. Portability: whether the design of one machine is adopted is convenient for users to enter various harsh industrial environments.

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