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How to maintain the portable video borescopes?

Portable Industrial Videoscope that is nod-destructive testing branch or remotely control visual inspection tools. it is well worked for the inspection of welds,seems and joints,looking for blockages,deposits,cracks and debris and catching the view deep inside turbines,airplanes,bridges,vessels,tanks and other hard-to reach area inspection.

How to maintain the portable Video Borescopes?

There are tips below:

1. Keep it out of sunshine as most possible.

2. When putting back to the carrying case,do not bend the insertion tube toughly.

3. Do not use it in flammable and explosive environment.

4. After inspection,please clean all over especially the lens with soft tissue.

5. Remove the battery if it is kept in wearhouse.

6. For some special inspection,please ask guide from HD Industrial Videoscope supplier or manufacturer.

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