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How to select borescopes?

handheld videoscope

Industrial endoscope has become the main products in the maintenance of equipment inspection at present, because of the particularity of HD Industrial Videoscopes, different application environment, users need to consider the various factors in the choice of purchasing.

1. The hole size and bending angle of the inspected objects will decide the endoscope type and diameter of the probe we choose.

2. Because of harsh inspection environment, the insert tube material should be wear-resistance, oil and water proof.

3. The design of the Motor Control Industrial Videoscopes is ergonomic or not. Equipment inspection and maintenance inspection is very tough. A light weight and portable borescope can greatly reduce the work pressure of the engineers and enhance their work efficiency.

4. The service life of the product is very critical. Since industrial endoscopes are often used outdoors, in all kinds of working environment. Also, the price of the product is very high. The stability and quality is the most important factor in choice of purchasing.

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