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Inspection Procedures for Industrial Videoscope

Inspection Procedures for Industrial Videoscope

1.We must learn about the inner structure,position,content of inspected objects.Make sure the power and ground connection available and keep the Industrial Videoscope steady,then connected it by correct process.

2.We should choose correct probe based on the entrance of inspected object and sweep away any possible obstacles in tunnel to protect the probe.

3.For some inspected objects we can not got the inner structure clearly,we must observe it carefully before inspecting.And as far as possible keep the lens facing inspection area directly while working.

4.Make our eyes adapt to working conditions and light before inspecting.Also we should avoid eyestrain if long time continuous work.

5.In processing of inspection,we should make it carefully to be sure of the probe reaching specified position and we should stop moving immediately when meet with obvious resistance.And then make the probe exit slowly. If the probe got stuck,do not pull it out hard in case probe broken.

6.Analyze and process the image we gathered.

7.Clean the probe and sort whole Inspection Instrument.

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