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Key factors of industrial videoscopes that affect the inspection results

As a kind of non-destructive testing instrument, industrial videoscopes are widely used in industry field , as a professional manufacturer of industrial videoscopes, Coantec make effort to provide the high performance products and the best inspection service.

1.Light condition

The light source is important for Police Security Endoscope inspection under dark environment.Ordinarily, the illumination should not be less than 2600lm.

2.The position and angle of probe

It is better to observe the target in the range of 5~25mm from the detection area, so the probe of HD Videoscope must be close to the target as far as possible. We will get a good observation effect when the angle between the probe and the target reaches the range of 45°~90 °. In practical work, we can find the appropriate observation position in order to get the best inspection effect by adjusting the position and angle of the probe and the observation point.

3.Inspection Tunnel.

It is better to keep close to the inspection position and choose the shorter tunnel to reduce the bending times and level of the probe. The tunnel from top to bottom and from high to low must be considered priority.

4.Resolution,magnifying times and the minimum defect

The inspection results will be effected directly by the technical features.

5.The reflection rate of target

Different objects will have different reflection rate because of the differences of object materials and surface roughness, so it is necessary to choose the suitable Industrial Videoscopes in order to get clear and useful information.

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