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What is an Intraoral Camera?

An Intraoral Camera is a camera which is designed to be used in the mouth for the purpose of taking video or still photography. These cameras are most commonly used in dental clinics to view the inside of a patients mouth for depth examination, although patients can also use them at home to monitor dental health or to satisfy curiosity about what the inside of the mouth looks like.

The intraoral camera allows for the dentist and patient either to view a live video displayed on a monitor while the dentist is examining the patients mouth and the images can be saved and later viewed on a computer or phone when the dentist is finished the examination, which also can be used in consultations and discussions with other dental providers.

DDQ-2 intraoral camera which manufactured by Soay technology is a globally unique wireless visual inspection instrument, it can send WIFI signal and can be connected with mobile phone/windows, inspecting the target by tiny mega HD camera. The mainframe of the product is made from medical resin, with waterproof IP67 level. There are 6 LED lights, which can be adjusted 5 levels of different brightness, it helpful to be able to show us exactly what is going on inside mouths, and to highlight areas where medical attention may be needed. The ergonomic design and elegant in fashion meet your requirement of high-quality life.

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Portable Wi-Fi Intraoral HD Camera

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