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What's the Best Articulated Borescope Camera?Coantec Videoscope

What's the Best Articulated Borescope Camera?The answer is that borescope with small diameter and 360 degree four-way articulation.For most of the hard-to-reach places,This kind of the borescope is easier to enter into the narrow spaces and record the images or videos for further analysis.

This kind of flexible videoscopes are often used to inspect gear boxes and cylinder blocks and other precision inspection.The insertion probe  diameter is below 2.8mm and 360 degree all-way articulation,which is efficient enough for everyday inspections.

At present,the worldwide unique design was realized by Coantec this year,which has all ready made the function come true with the smallest diameter 2.8mm.Meanwhile,the function with diameter 2.0mm will be realized in the next few months,Which is a great revolution in the filed of articulated videoscope .

Flexible Borescope Camera

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