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China Videoscope is Used for Engine Inspection


The engine is the heart of the car, which provides power for the car to walk, and it is related to the power, economy and environmental protection of the car. Now let's talk about how to use electronic endoscope/videoscope to inspect cylinder block, cylinder head, valve, gear box and other internal cavity before the engine is out, so as to avoid subsequent quality problems.

There are many kinds of defects in the automobile engine castings, and the reasons for the defects are also very complicated. It is not only related to the casting process, but also related to a series of factors such as the quality of the cast alloy, the melting of the alloy and the properties of the molding materials. Therefore, electronic endoscope/videoscope should be used to detect and take appropriate measures to prevent and eliminate defects.

Electronic endoscopy can be checked:

1, Auto Parts Inspection:

There are cracks, pigmentation and so on in automobile parts.

2. Inspection of Automobile Casting Parts:

It is mainly to check the internal impurities in the product.

3, Cylinder Head Test:

The main inspection of internal sand, burr, oxidation and other defects.

4, Water Road and Oil Road Test:

The main inspection is the accumulation of foreign matter and the sand inclusion.

5, Gear Box Testing:

It is mainly to check the wear and oxidation of the gear box.

The electronic endoscope of Coantec is used to check the quality control of sand casting, burr and interlaced holes. Our electronic endoscope products is small and flexible, can be inserted into the tube can reach the need to check any hidden parts bending, for examining the components of small aperture, more small, easy to insert; pixel is more clear, at a glance on the casting body of the deep holes, blind holes, staggered hole, casting in Gaza, burr etc.

The Coantec electronic endoscope has been widely used in automobile manufacturing, to improve work efficiency, reduce the cost of repairs, and avoid the damage caused by parts and assembly for many a must detection tool in the car production process .Coantec electronic endoscope is worth buying.

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