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[China Videoscope] Manufacturers Recommendation:Daily Maintenance Knowledge


As a nondestructive testing tool, industrial videoscope can detect the internal defects of object by video camera, and can automatically identify the defects,  which help to judge whether the quality of the object is good, improving the quality rate.

Coantec as a professional R & D and production of industrial endoscope manufacturers, has won several industry awards with unique insights in product design. One of the excellent videoscopes- infrared RB series videoscope,is mainly applied in vehicle maintenance, police security and other fields with a wide range of non-destructive.Meanwhile, in order to meet the market of vehicle maintenance and other related fields of automobile, Coantec developed out ME series automobile endoscope. What’s more,Coantec M3 series industrial endoscope, which won German Red Dot Design Award, is the affirmation of the innovative design concept, ergonomics and performance of Coantec products. These three series are just part of Coantec classic products.

Maintenance  Knowledge:

1. Videoscope must be handled with care.Hold the end of the probe, prevent the videoscope fall to the ground.

2.Videoscope cannot be put together with other devices, nor can any articles be placed on the endoscope to prevent the endoscope inserted tube from being damaged.

3. Videoscope should be stored in the special instrument box.

4. After inadvertently falling to the ground, the videoscope should be restart immediately to check whether there is damage. If the damage occurs, should contact the concerned Sales Engineer to talk about the repair solutions.

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