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Coantec helps you to choose the right kind of industrial endoscope

January 4,2018.

With the rising and development of industrial products, industrial endoscope inspection technology has been widely used in the industry. The endoscopes are major applied in the following industries: pipes, boilers, pressure vessels, power, chemicals, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, navigation, aerospace, etc.Through photography and video recording, we can realize real-time recording, which makes the detection more intuitive. Since there are many kinds of endoscopes, different kinds of endoscopes are suitable for different applications. So when choosing an endoscope, we should consider some questions :1.what are the main aspects of your company's. 2.How frequency is it been used.3. What’s the procurement costs for the use of industrial endoscopes, what are the require for your company.Meanwhile,we should also consider: 1.the diameter of endoscope probe,the length of the insert tube 2. endoscopic imaging resolution, color reduction 3. endoscope lighting range, lens focal length 4. endoscopic material.But due to been used in complex environment, the endoscope should be waterproof, oil resistant, corrosion resistant and wear resistant. The functions of Coantec’s industrial endoscope are excellent, with flexible use, high reliability and wide practicability.They are applicable to various internal structure of complex environment, and can meet diverse needs of customers with customized products of industrial endoscope .

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