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High Definition Police Videoscope

Coantec M3-P Series Police Videoscope

Key Specifications/Special Features

Globally unique replaceable insert tube.

Micro probe,360°all-way articulation.

Long distance night vision inspection.

Light and portable, only 0.45 KG.

Product Details

Coantec M3-P Series Police Videoscope is applied to the security departments like public

security,armed police, fire fighting, customs, etc. It is widely used in criminal investigation, explosive

removal, security checking, searching for smuggler, searching and rescuing, and other relevant

detection work. It can real-time observe the narrow space and the dark area, take pictures and

videos, as well as long-distance transmit the image to provide intuitive image information for the site

of criminal investigation and security checking.

A great innovation in industrial endoscope industry: using consumable material design of insert tube , according to different

inspection requirements, users can easily  replace the insertion tube between white light tube and  infrared  thermal  tube,

which can greatly reduce the using cost.

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Coantec M3 Industrial Videoscope Detachable Insertion Tube

    Detachable tubes for different diameters.

    Portable and one-hand operation.

    Rated IP67 waterproof(probe,tube)

    Sync up with PC for real time picture.

Industrial Inspection Instrument

Replaceable Insertion Tube of Coantec M3-P

    Double tungsten ally braided insertion tube of 4 layers

    Sapphire protective lens


    Globally unique replaceable insertion tube

    Optical fiber insertion tube,360°all-way articulation

Replaceable Insertion Tube

Automotive Endoscopes of Coantec ME+ series

    Ultra high definition Camera, ability to take images and videos;

    210° large bending angle, can check the valve directly;

    Strong adaptability to different environment, oil resistant and corrosion resistant;

    The insertion tube can withstand 200℃ high temperture without waiting for the car to cool down (Optinal);

    The host can be connected to a large screen display, to facilitate consultation;

    Easy to use, econmical and practical;

Coantec ME+ videoscope for auto aftermarket
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