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Coantec Super HD Mega Pixel Industrial Videoscope

June 25,2018.

New product C50 series videoscope is very popular since it was published one month ago.So what are the new functions and features? Let’s have a look.

1. new UI interface

2. boot with a password lock, this function can choose to set the password / cancel the password.

3. menu bar support nine court / list mode browsing

4. picture / video file automatically separate storage

5. image display color / black and white / negative three options

6. picture format JPEG/BMP two kinds

7. reference line (coordinate) function, fuzzy measurement function.

8. real-time detection image support 4 times zoom

9. languages in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

10. date set, photo / video files stored in chronological order.

11. date watermark, this function can choose to turn off / turn on, and customize logo information watermark.

12. one click locking, and can be adjusted step by step in lock mode.

13. after changing the name of the file, note information can be reflected in the preview mode.

14. full screen viewing can zoom in and out 8 times.

15. photo / video one key switch

16. rear optical fiber light guide, 8 level brightness adjustment, maximum brightness 100000LX

17. front end bending speed / slow adjustable

18. photo / video recording function. Under the video mode, press the photo key to capture.

If you or your customers are satisfied with this new videoscope,just contact us.


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