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Coantec Videoscope:Innovative LED Illumination


As we all know ,illumination is very important for videoscope when you inspecting in a dark place.Coantec Videoscope will show you it’s excellent quality of illumination, fiber optical illumination.

Fiber optical illumination: Regardless of the scope length, you will see clear and crisp images with no loss of brightness.

With the innovative LED or Fiber optical illumination, you can see clear and crisp images of deep, dark areas.Even in areas 10 m deep,Coantec Videoscope's  unsurpassed brightness, which is ideal for the inspection of large voids in tanks, pressure containers, nuclear reactors, pumps and reactors. In addition,Coantec Videoscope has 7 Level of illumination for expanded inspection capability.

Coantec Videoscope has many innovative features,which will contribute to a valuable detection for you and your customers.If you need more information about our videoscope,please fell free to contact us.

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