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Coantec Videoscope:The Indispensable Pipeline Detection Tool


Testing Work piece: Automobile Hose

Demonstration instrument: M3-3815 videoscope

The tested equipment and working conditions: Inspecting the scratch in the hose.The minimum diameter of the rubber tube is 4mm. The length is about 1.5 meters.There are straight pipes and bending pipes.

Demonstration results: customers are satisfied with the manipulation, light intensity and clarity of M3 series videoscope.

Automotive rubber pipes are used to transmit various liquids and gases, including fuel, lubricants, refrigerants and water. The rubber tube is often affected by various environmental factors, so it is  very important to develop the rubber tube products that meet the actual requirements. Automotive rubber hose must have certain stiles and flexibility, a high temperature and a certain anti vibration ability. The Coantec endoscope is a very practical tool for detecting hose. It can effectively prevent hidden troubles caused by quality problems through the preliminary inspection.

The Coantec endoscope can be guided at 360 degrees, and it can be detected everywhere in the hose pipe. It can directly arrive at the detection area, and make the defects and faults clearly and intuitively rendered, which is conducive to the formulation of maintenance and repair plan. The Coantec endoscope is easy to operate, and camera can record line scratches.

Pipeline inspection, please choose Coantec endoscope, not only for you to save cost, but also a necessary tool for testing the pipeline.

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