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Coantec Videoscope used for Pipeline Inspection


In recent years, pipeline explosion has occurred frequently. Pipeline accidents will not only damage social interests, but also cause explosion accidents, endangering the safety of the surrounding masses. There are many reasons for pipeline breakage and explosion accidents.Using pipeline videoscope to detect pipelines can accurately grasp the operation status of pipelines and prevent explosion from happening.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of accidents in pipeline explosion:unreasonable design, material defects, illegal operation, operational errors, maintenance weeks, pipeline leak and other serious reasons.Coantec pipeline videoscope is suitable for long distance pipeline detection,which can not be detect by eyes.

Applications of Coantec videoscope pipeline:

Can detect the tube hole of pipeline wall: the method of pipeline processing does not match pipe materials,or processing conditions are not suitable,so that the wall thickness of the pipe is unequal. When the pipeline is cold working, there is scratch inside and outside of the wall,which make the wall thickness thinner. Under the action of corrosive medium, it is easy to produce stress corrosion, accelerate the development of scar and even break.The use of a pipe endoscope can avoid the situation.

The welding quality can be detected:

They are mainly refers to the weld crack, dislocation, burn, unweld, overlap and undercut,and the use of pipeline endoscope can ensure welding quality.

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There are many reasons for pipeline explosion, but the main reasons are operation errors, illegal operations and poor maintenance ,which are by unreasonable design, manufacture, installation and overhaul, which may cause defects in various stages of pipeline manufacturing.Regularly detecting the pipeline can accurately grasp the running condition of the pipeline and prevent it from being in the bud. Coantec pipeline endoscope is for long distance pipeline with diameter of 30mm-300mm and 60mm-1000mm.The front camera can rotate 360 degrees, camera with long spring, meet the pipe bending test, can be used for inspecting stainless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, ventilation pipe, air conditioning pipes, water pipes, municipal pipelines, industrial pipes, boiler and vessel internal weld the corrosion and clogging,foreign body detection and so on.

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