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Coantec Videoscope:Your Best Choice


Industrial inspection borescope are unfamiliar to many people, mainly in the industrial field.There are medical endoscopes in the medical field.Industrial endoscope plays an important role in promoting industrial development. It mainly detects the flaws in the internal cracks, peeling, pulling lines, scratches, pits, bumps, spots, corrosion and so on, which provides an important basis for judging the quality of objects.

Coantec Endoscope using the world's leading manual lever technology to achieve 360-degree endoscopic probe without any corner of the rotation function, in any case it can be tested, and the product itself is waterproof and waterproof design , So the superiority of its detection capabilities can be demonstrated either underwater, in pipelines or in more difficult inspection environments.

Relying on high-quality technical personnel and sales team in Coantec, the law in good faith, principle of the customer supremacy, and with a good reputation and rich experience, and thoughtful service, Coantec provide high quality videoscope and technology solutions for customers, and has won the domestic and foreign customers trust and praise. The equipment, systems and programs we offer are applied to various leading industries in China, especially in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding, metallurgy, railway, nuclear industry, power, special inspection, universities and research institutes.

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