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Coantec was Invited to Participate in CIOE

January 4,2018.

2017 CIOE

Time: 6 Sep 2017-9 Sep 2017

Address: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
Booth No. 4, 4E17

In order to fully implement the chairman Xi Jinping's in-depth implementation of national strategic development of civil and military integration,to converge national defense construction,scientific research,military research and development,innovation and transformation as a whole,to promote the progress and coordination of integration of military and civilian industrial,CIOE combined with China National Science and technology ,National Association for the promotion of military and civilian integration established the military and civilian integration exhibition especially.As the integration of military and civilian units,Coantec has been invited to the exhibition.

During the exhibition,P40 industrial endoscopes,P50 industrial endoscopes,J40 police endoscope and many other flagship products were showed for customers.Coantec's research and development strength and industry application results were all displayed.Meanwhile,we particularly highlighted the high reliability and stability of the product,and also displayed the application in military and civilian fields.During the exhibition,we gave hospitality to every audience and gave them professional answers to related business.In the demonstration process,our teem won more attention of experts and audience,getting a good promotion effect.

It is worth to mention that the president of the Shenzhen military and Civilian Integration Association Duan Zhong was also attended the exibition.President Duan Zhong said that civil and military integration is a national strategy,which is related to national security and overall development.It is both a national initiative methord and a army strengthening policy.We should build leading engineering and quality engineering for civil military integration,and make greater contribution to the realization of Chinese dream of a strong army dream.

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