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Common Problems and Notice When Using Videoscope


Videoscope is a precision type of instrument,there are some problems need to pay attention during the process of using:

1.Take out the videoscope gently and hold the the end of the curved,so as to prevent the videoscope bending and landing.

2.Videoscope can not be placed together with other instruments,and nothing can be placed on top of the videoscope to prevent the videoscope insertion tube being bent damaged.

3.When videoscope fell to the ground accidentally,we should immediately install the battery and turn on the instrument.Then observe the object through the eyepiece to check if it is be damaged.If so,it should be immediately sent to the relevant department for maintenance.

There are some problems encountered when we use the videoscope for inspection,such as cracks, peeling, cords and scratches,pit bulge,spots and so on.

a. When the light beam illuminates the surface of the test object: black or bright lines are observed,and the lines have irregular edges at a certain magnification,then it will be judged as a crack;

b. When the light beam is parallel to the irradiation: the shadow behind the convex portion is

observed; and when the irradiation angle of the light beam is changed, a clear dividing line between the convex portion of the surface and the detected object is observed and it is judged to be peeled off.

c. Beam irradiation: the observation of the surface there is a more regular continuous long line, you can determine the pull line.

d. When the light beam is irradiated at a certain angle: It is connected with the boundary of the object without boundary line.There are shadows near the part from the light source, there are bright spots far from the light source.This situation is called pits.

e. When the dimples are deep or convex is high,the measurement line of the measurable probe will be bent.

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