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Comparison of Videoscope Testing and Destructive Testing

June 28,2018.

Coantec has NDT equipment -videoscope and can undertake NDT Technical services. Nondestructive testing has unique advantages and is widely used in all walks of life.

Nondestructive testing is the use of materials such as sound, light, magnetic and electrical properties. On the premise of not damaging or affecting the performance of the detected object, it can detect whether there is defect or in-homogeneity in the object, and give the size, position, nature and quantity of the defect. Compared with destructive testing, NDT has the following characteristics. The first is non destructive, because it does not damage the use performance of the detected object when it is tested; second is comprehensive, because the detection is non destructive, so it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive test of 100% of the object being detected, which is not destructive testing; third is full and destructive detection generally. It is applicable only to the testing of raw materials, such as tensile, compression, bending, etc. commonly used in mechanical engineering, and destructive testing is aimed at the raw materials used in manufacturing. For the products and supplies, unless they are not prepared to continue to serve, the destructive testing will not be carried out, and the nondestructive testing is not damaged. Test the performance of the object. Therefore, it can not only detect the raw materials, the intermediate process links, and the final product, but also test the equipment in the service.

Videoscope as one kind of the NDT instruments has been widely  used in many areas.For more information,please contact us.


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