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Detection for Internal Cavity of Stainless Steel Parts

December 6,2017.

In the past 30 years, China's stainless steel parts production technology was greatly  improved,and the yield and quality increased dramatically.Meanwhile species expanded,and the standard got further improvement.Stainless steel has many excellent features: good weld-ability,excellent corrosion resistance,excellent heat resistance,good polishing performance.With the rapid development of production technology,testing technology is also paving the way for production to ensure long-term operation of stainless steel parts is the key to improving economic and social benefits.Industrial endoscopes play an important role in the inspection of stainless steel component.

1,Check the weld defects,surface cracks and other welding quality.

2,Check the cavity surface cracks,peeling,scratches,pits, bumps,spots,corrosion and other defects.

3,Check the residual material in product cavity .

Coantec industrial borescope has many specificity:

1,Excellent image processing technology

2,360°all way articulation,high definition

3,10 meters insertion tube

4,Super illuminance and wide viewing angle

5,Wear-resistant probe and laser welding process

6,One-hand  operation

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