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Detection of Wind Power Gear Box by Industrial Videoscope

May 29,2018.

Huge reserves of wind energy have been widely applied at home and abroad. But with the continuous development of wind power industry, the problem of fan failure is also a problem that can not be ignored. As the key equipment in the transmission system, the fan gearbox is subjected to the test of alternating stress and load. Generally they have a design life of 20 years, requiring regular maintenance.And industrial videoscope is often used in fan gear boxes and blade testing, which has been proved to be the most efficient measure.

When the industrial endoscope is testing the wind power gear box, the gap of the wind power gear box can be used to extend the probe into the wind power gear box, and the internal situation of the wind power gear box can be viewed on the host screen. By controlling the remote control probe of the industrial endoscope, 360 degrees of rotation can be controlled, and the internal condition of the wind turbine gearbox is observed in all directions. For the wear and tear of their parts, tooth surface gluing and cracks, the inspector can help him with the help of the screen. And through the function of taking photos and videos of the industrial endoscope, the process of each detection is recorded and analyzed. Maintenance personnel can eliminate hidden dangers and ensure normal operation of wind turbine gearboxes.


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