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Detection of Wind Power Gear Box


The gearbox of wind turbine is an important mechanical part. Its main function is to transmit the power generated by the wind turbine under the action of wind to the generator and make it get the corresponding speed. The wind power resources using the free natural resources, so the biggest cost is the construction cost and the maintenance cost.Wind turbine gearbox as the key equipment in the transmission system, subjected to alternating stress and load test, its general life is 20 years.So it need industrial borescope/videoscope for maintenance to ensure the normal operation and the life cycle .

During use process , the quality of impact load, overload will lead to serious problems,such as gearbox broken, tooth broken,bearing damage,we can use industrial borescope to solve the problem:

1.Tooth surface and bearing wear, pitting and crushing;Industrial borescope/videoscope detect the faults in the daily maintenance.When we find the problem of wear,we can check the lubrication system timely.

2.Gear lubricating oil entrance pressure is low;We can use industrial borescope/videoscope to detect if the filter lubrication system is blocked.After the detection by borescope/videoscope ,we can clear or replace the relevant parts,which is not only save cost and save energy, but also make the test results more accurate.

3. Oil leakage at the gear box oil interface and pipe joints;In order to avoid this from happening, we should to use borescope/videoscope to detect the weld seam mouth at the beginning. In order to ensure reliable sealing, ensure the sealing effect of pipe joint, nondestructive testing before use is essential.

The traditional test method is time-consuming and has greatly influenced the efficiency of wind power enterprises.Industrial borescope/videoscope is widely used in wind turbine gearbox and blade testing, which has been proved to be the most effective means of detection.Coantec industrial endoscope for wind power detection provides a new detection means. Most of the wind power can be detected by using HD Industrial borescope/videoscope.Coantec one handhold integration, to provide the images for daily maintenance and repair. Coantec industrial endoscopy is flexible, convenient to carry, and has a visual inspection effect. It is very suitable for inspecting in the compact generator cabin.

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